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How to choose a stove top griddle pan?

Griddle is the cookware used in both residential and commercial food preparation. It includes the process of cooking foods like pancake, toast and burger. This is a flat surface sufficient to cook food for many people. While choosing a griddle, you need consider many factors. They are

  • Material – Griddle pans are made of different materials like copper steel, iron, non-stick material, stainless steel and so on. Among these various materials, we need to choose one based on our choice. Actually each material has different pros and cons. These have to be checked before finalizing the material of our choice. According to survey stainless steel products are the most preferred material in these days.
  • Shape – Griddle pans are in the either rectangular or square shape. If you want one for residential, then you can prefer square shape. Else if you want to buy one to cook for huge number of people then you should buy rectangular shaped pan.
  • Type – Based in how the cooking heat is produces, type if is classified. Thus major types are electric and fire based. When you prefer electric griddle pan, then you should prefer getting the attached griddle with the stove top griddle pan. Else fire based can be in the form of griddle alone separately bought from the market and cooked on top of the stove using wood, coal or gas.
  • Length – Pan is available in various sizes depending on your usage. If it is for residential purpose, then we need to buy pan size according to it. The size of the pan starts from smaller as compatible to use inside home to larger that are useful with outdoor cooking.
  • Durability – It is not about griddle pan, Stove Top Griddlewhatever product we are about to buy it is important to check its durability. That defines the life of the pan. If we are buying a pan, it should have longer life.
  • Ease of maintenance – Pans is used with cooking as well as frying. This can be done through the pan easily but the hard is cleaning and maintaining. While cooking if you miss using sufficient oil on the pan, then you will be left to clean the hard core sticks towards pan. Cleaning of this process depends on the material and our usage. Even though we do not use it properly, we should be able to clean it easier. For this kind of action stainless steel materials works best. It is easy to clean and maintain.