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Internet Marketing for Lawyers: 3 Deadly Mistakes that You Must Avoid!

There are hundreds of attorneys in the country and each of them invest time, money and efforts in establishing themselves in the market and getting clients to earn money. It’s no piece of cake! Despite being good lawyers, many professionals fail to get clients, as they’re slow to catch on to the best marketing practices to promote their business. Many are not familiar with the concept of social networking or internet marketing for lawyers. Therefore, they end up committing blunders that adversely affects their online rankings.

Do you find yourself in such dilemma often? Read on to know about 3 deadly mistakes that you should avoid when promoting your law website online.

  1. Disregarding Keywords

In case you don’t know, keywords are common search engine phrases used by the internet users to search for their topics of interest. There are 2 types of keywords, based on intent: Keywords that provide info and keywords that sell. The best strategy to make the most of it is to use keywords like ‘attorney info’ in blog posts and keywords involving ‘hire’, ‘purchase’ or ‘services’ in your sales copy.

Also, using location-based relevant keywords in web URL, page title, title tag, image title, alt tags and web contents help you attract the attention of search engines.

  1. Hiring Shady SEO Agencies to Do your Deeds

The best strategy to improve your online rankings is building trust with Google, Bing, AOL and other top-notch search engines, which is possible only when you use white-hat SEO techniques. Reliable and reputed SEO firms use white-hat or ‘genuine and ethical’ SEO practices to boost search page rankings of a website.

They do it via blog posts, active social media profiles, forum links and articles. They increase link outreach to your website and blogs, help in link building and listing your business on reliable directories. Contrary to these, shady agencies that use black-hat or unethical techniques may boost your rankings for a short term but they’ll end up penalizing your site in the long run.

  1. Not having Ads, Mailers and Subscriptions

Ads, mailers and newsletter subscriptions are best options to get more people to visit your website. If you don’t include your web link on mailers, ads and subscriptions, you won’t get exposed to a larger audience base.

Now that you know the blunders a lawyer can commit, make sure that you hire a reliable and reputed agency that offers best internet marketing for lawyers.