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Operating blinds with Somfy Programmable Shades New Jersey

The programmable shades and blinds are one very popular option for the out of reach home windows and for many shades that you would like to raise & lower in unison. They’re quite sleek and simple to use as well as add the up-scale touch in your home and office. Here we will walk you through different kinds of the programmable options, how they’re powered and controlled.

Determine the Power Source

The Somfy programmable shades New Jersey window treatments normally come in 2 varieties, which depend on type of the product: motorized tilt or motorized lift. The motorized tilt is typical on the slatted blinds like aluminum or wood, whereas motorized lift is typical on the shades like Roman, cellular, and roller.

After you choose the type of blind and determine lift or tilt, you should select the power source for programmable blinds. There’re 3 basic options: DC power adapter, solar power kit or battery tube.

Battery Tube: Battery version is a best option while it comes about the smooth design flow. This fits very easily within your window treatment and does not need any nearby outlet for operation.

Solar Power Kit: Solar power is the eco-friendly option that is perfect for the windows that are in direct sunlight. This does not need any batteries and cords and gives sleek design.

Somfy programmable shades New Jersey

DC Power Adapter: The motorized controls with DC power are simple to install and need almost no set-up. It is the good choice when the power source is close by. DC power avoids use of batteries that lessens any likelihood of stalling problem & makes them reliable.

Control Options

When you have chosen how the blinds are been powered, you will have to choose how you can control them. There’re 3 basic options: remote, wall switch, and programmable timer.

Remote: Portable remote is the best option that will allow you control blinds from any particular position in your home and office.

Wall Switch: This works through the installed switch on wall, very much like light switch and good choice for the larger rooms like living room and media room.

Programmable Timer: Suppose you prefer solution without remotes and wall installation, timer is used to open/close the shades at the predetermined time daily.