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How to do a PPSR check

PPSR check also known as personal properties securities register check, is an important check that you must do on your vehicle before buying a used vehicle from an individual or a dealer. This check is an important security measure which is implemented by the Government of Australia to safeguard the consumer interests who are looking to buy used vehicles. You can easily get a ppsr check done at several government and private organizations by making use of your VIN number at a small price.

What you need —

  1. You must have your debit/credit card information handy in order to make the purchase.
  2. You must know your VIN, manufacturer’s number or Chassis number.
  3. You must have access to your email.

Fees associated with a PPSR check —

The PPSR check service is available via phone as well as online self-service mechanism. You can avail this service at a minimum cost of 3.40$ only.

Need for a PPSR check —

if you are looking to buy a used vehicle in Australia then you must check that there are no pending security interests that are liable on the vehicle with the help of the PPSR report. If there is any security interest that is still registered against the vehicle then you must know that it is not debt-free and it can also be repossessed after your purchase. This can be a huge loss of money for you. Before you buy the vehicle do a ppsr check to ensure that the vehicle is —

  • Free from debt.
  • Have no chances of repossession.
  • It is not reported as written off.
  • It is not reported as stolen.

This is an initiative in Australia to protect the buyer from fraud. You can get cars, trucks, ATVs, buses, tractors, motorbikes, caravans, horse floats, boats, forklifts, trailers, utility vehicles, campers or any sort of vehicle that is capable of traveling at a speed of more than 10 km/h and has motor power of more than 200 W checked for PPSR. So if you are buying a used vehicle then do all checks and stay safe and sure.