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Normally gas is very corrosive and harmful to the environment. But if we use gas analyzer then we can control all these harmful gaseous effect. Analytical equipment gives us predictable and consistent result with specific landfill application of commercial gas analyzer. A special type of plant is used to design biogas analyzer with equal feedstock. Biogas can be formed by agricultural waste produced either in agricultural field or inside deep dug.

Production of landfill gas or bio gas

Formation of biogas is a long process which include microorganism to converts waste material in organic matter. After converting in organic material biogas is formed that is the reason behind production of harmless gas. Not only waste product of agriculture is used to form biogas but other process is also equally responsible in formation of biogas landfill.

landfill gas analyzer,

Biogas is formed in absence of oxygen. Agricultural waste and wastewater product are the main source of biogas production. This process is called anaerobic digestion with the help of methane and carbon dioxide. In the formation of biogas many other gases are also produced such as nitrogen, oxygen, ammonia, and amino acids. This process is multistage process which is comprised of various microbes and chemical reaction.

Measurement of various gases of biogas

  • The treatment of biogas produces a gas with a high level of methane. Very extraordinary strategies are utilized for this, which are altogether in light of the partition of methane and carbon dioxide.
  • Anaerobic maturation produces gases containing methane, which are flammable (biogas). Contingent upon the crude material utilized for activity (nourishing) of the plant, these gases contain polluting influences, for example, hydrogen sulfide.
  • Anaerobic aging produces gases containing methane, which are ignitable (sewage gases). These are united from various digesters where distinctive procedures run.


Biogas landfill gas analyzer is very safe to use and it is also harmless to our environment. It is an era when everyone is using highly flammable gas which is producing dangerous gases and harming our environment. So biogas which is completely produced by natural process is user friendly to our environment and no such gases is produced by this gas.