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Best Personal Loan Banks in Malaysia

People make financial resolutions every year. It’s important to make financial resolutions to gain monetary benefits. Making a financial resolution is one way and implementing it is another way. Many people make financial resolutions and finds it hard to work on it. Financial resolution is basically done to save money for personal benefits.

There are alternative ways where you can look for and take help from organizations. People do consider applying for short termloans for personal reasons. Pinjaman peribadi koperasi loans are provided for teachers and government employees in Malaysia from various bank organizations.


Loans in Malaysia

Here are some of the best banks that offers personal loan in Malaysia for its citizens

  1. RHB Easy- Pinjaman Ekspres : At RHB easy the loan gets approved within 24 hours with repayment plans. Some features of RHB Easy- Pinjaman Ekspres are
  2. Fast Approval
  3. Can apply for loans up to RM150,000
  4. Your loan can be credited in any nearest RHB branch across the nation
  5. Fixed interest loan starting from 8.18% to 14.52% per annum
  6. Age limit from 21-55 years
  7. Al Rajhi Bank Personal Financing-i : The loan can be approved up to RM15,000 with a profit rate of 0.58% per month. The candidate is being covered by the Takaful protection scheme. Looking to renovate your home or thinking of purchasing a new one? Al Rajhi Bank Personal Financing-i is perfect to consider.
  8. JCL Personal Loan: If you are urgent need of cash, then you can certainly look for JCL. You will find cash at the time when you need it. You can apply for the loan of an amount up to RM 50,000 with an interest rate of 12% per annum. There is no need of the guarantor. The loan is applicable for government servants, employees of private sector and also self-employed persons. The minimum salary of the person applying for the loan should be RM 1,000 per month.
  9. Alliance Bank CashfirstPersonal Loan: looking for a personal loan for business expansion? Then apply at Alliance bank. Alliance bank is the best choice to expand your business. The person can avail a loan of amount up to RM 150,000. People who are self -employed and are running the business for almost 2 years or more can apply for the job.

These are some of the banks where you can look for personal loans in and around Malaysia.